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Baby Shower – VIP Style

Where to start about this weekend?  In three words, it was AMAZING!

Sarah flew in from AZ late Thursday night and then we met up with Kayla Friday morning before heading to VA Beach.  I guess I should mention that I had a small surprise for Brandi.  It was Sarah!  🙂  I wouldn’t normally surprise someone with another person, especially when staying at their home, but I thought this might be okay.  I was right. 😉  When we arrived at Brandi’s house Kayla and I went to the door.  Finally we were like we might have picked something up at the airport, and out pops Sarah.  Brandi was so excited.  It was too sweet.  We got all of this on video I might add.  We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting before heading out to dinner.

Saturday me, Kayla and Sarah got up early so we could run some errands and get the house decorated before the other girls arrived.  After a quick trip to Target we dropped Sarah off at the house.  She was going to finish decorating while me and Kayla picked up the food.   {I guess I should also mention only like 2 other people knew Sarah was in town.}  Sarah was in the middle of decorating when the other girls arrived so she went back upstairs to hide until we got back.

Like an hour and a half later Kayla and I finally got back to the house.  First the food platter wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be.  Then the bakery was a pain in the ass to find.  The others arrived while we were still waiting on the food.  I felt awful because I knew they would be hungry and we were taking forever.  Then once we got back to the house we finished decorating.  After that it was smooth sailing.

The shower was great.  Brandi got a ton wonderful stuff for the baby and everyone had a blast.  That night we all went to dinner and then came back to Brandi’s for a little more girl time.  On Sunday we met the girls out at the beach for breakfast.  Unfortunately the place we wanted to go had a long wait so we went to Cracker Barrel.  After brunch everyone headed out and a few hours later I was home in Raleigh.  Overall the weekend was great and the girl’s were amazing.

The girls minus me.  🙂


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