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Bathroom Makeover

Over the past few years, Matt and I have slowly been updating our house.  We have replaced the carpet, upgraded all the lights, and painted everything but the 2 upstairs bathrooms.  I just cannot find the motivation to paint the bathrooms. But this is will have to happen soon.

A few weeks ago our bathroom lights started going out.  We had one of those Hollywood style lights over the vanity.  Well instead of replacing the 2 bulbs that had blown, I told Matt I’d rather just replace the whole light.  We’ve been racking up Amex points for a while now, so he ordered a few Lowe’s gift cards.  Before he left to play golf on Saturday he handed me the gift cards and told me to run to Lowe’s and “spend some money”.

We’d already looked at lights and had one picked out so when I went to Lowe’s I grabbed the light and globes.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the globes we’d originally looked at so I had to find new ones.  I might have also picked up a few more plants.  Whoopsy!  😉

Sunday, once we got up, Matt started working on the light.  When he took the old light down, he realized there wasn’t a junction box and had to run back to Lowes.  After fiddling with that for a while, he finally got it to work and he installed the new light.  We both really like the new light but it just emphasizes the fact that I HATE the mirror.  Originally we were going to buy a kit and frame it but the new light is so close to the top of the mirror and honestly, I want new mirrors.

The past couple of days I’ve been looking at my options and I finally found a couple I liked at Kirkland’s.  I called the store by my house but they didn’t have 2 of the ones I wanted.  I was told there were more at the Cary store so today at lunch I ran over there.  I had to search for the ones I’d seen online and in the process I found another one I really liked.  When I compared the 2, I realized the new one was a tiny bit taller and I liked the pattern a bit more.   They were both the same price so it didn’t really matter.

Now I get to go home and see how they look.  The verdict is still out as to whether 2 mirrors will look okay with just one light.  If we had plans to stay in this house I would have made Matt split the junction box so we could have had 2 lights but that seemed like a lot of work for a house we don’t plan to stay in long term.  I’ll post some pics once we decide on the mirror situation but here is a pic of the light and the current (ugly) mirror.



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