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Boots and a Tip

Since it’s the end of the season I figured it was a good time to find some nice black boots on sale.  And score!  Thank you Macy’s!  Half price off gorgeous Nine West boots plus an extra 20% for wearing red.  🙂

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Nine West shoes?  I love love love them!  Some of my favorite shoes ever have been Nine West.

Aren’t they amazing?  And you are probably wondering how I managed to get them to stand up.  As I was paying for my awesome new boots the sales lady asked if I knew how to keep them upright in the closet.  I said no.  She said to put a rolled up magazine in them.  Hmmm.  I wasn’t sure exactly sure how this would work but when I got home I grabbed a few old Pottery Barn catalogs, rolled them up and inserted into my boots.  When you place the rolled up magazine in the boot it expands and keeps the whole boot leg up.  Pretty amazing.



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