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  • Skinny jeans…

    I may have gone shopping this weekend and it may have resulted in some sparkly earrings, another pair of wedges, and *gasp* skinny jeans.

    I don’t think I’ve really discussed my dislike for skinny jeans.  Now I don’t think they look bad on everyone but well let’s just say I think they should be worn with discretion.  Anyway my closet is starting to fill up with cute shoes, cute shoes that are mostly hidden underneath jean legs.  My only real option, skinny jeans.

    Over the weekend Matt and I ran by American Eagle so I could try on a pair of skinny jeans.  I mean up until now I’d not had a reason to even try them on but I needed a new pair of jeans and well, you know the shoe issue.  I grabbed a couple of pairs and finally decided on one.  I don’t think they look horrible but I do feel a little hippy.  I wore them to work today, along with my new wedges, and dare I say I actually felt kind of stylish.  *AAHHH*  I know right?!?!

    So I’m still not completely sold on the whole skinny jean craze but I think they will do for summer.



  • A Post About Shoes

    Because let’s face it.  I am officially on vacation and well I’ve been too busy to do a Pinterest post. 🙁  Bad I know.  But anyhoo, I got new new shoes!  Woo hooo!

    A few years ago I bought a super cute pair of black patent open toed, sling backs from Target.  They were awesome.  I wore them all the time and they looked amazing.  Well in true fashion I wore those puppies out.  Like I wore them long after the tip of the heel broke off.  Finally I knew I had to throw them away and I was pretty sad.  Anyway, I started looking a few weeks ago for another pair with no such luck.  And last night Matt and I were getting our clothes together when I figured out I couldn’t bring/wear a certain dress because I didn’t have shoes to match.

    Today Matt and I were eating lunch before I ran to TJ Maxx to exchange a belt I got him a few weeks ago.  Turns out he needed a bigger size.  Shhh! 😉  As we were talking he was like “and find you another pair of black shoes.”  Okie dokie.  😀

    I ran through the shoe section at TJ Maxx {have I mentioned they opened one down the street from my office?  Well they did and I LOVE it!}  I was just about to give up when I saw a super cute pair of nude open toed, sling backs by Jessica Simpson.  They were a size 6 and I decided, although a bit snug, they would work.  Then I turned the corner and realized they had a whole display of them, including a 6 1/2.  Score!  I tried those on and sure enough they fit like a glove sock.  Now I have super cute nude shoes.   I’d been thinking about nude shoes for a while and this pretty much made my decision for me.

    Cute huh?


    I noticed once I got home they have a bit more gold then I could see in the store.  In the store they were definitely nude.  Oh well.  You know I love gold shoes too. 😉


  • Boots and a Tip

    Since it’s the end of the season I figured it was a good time to find some nice black boots on sale.  And score!  Thank you Macy’s!  Half price off gorgeous Nine West boots plus an extra 20% for wearing red.  🙂

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love Nine West shoes?  I love love love them!  Some of my favorite shoes ever have been Nine West.

    Aren’t they amazing?  And you are probably wondering how I managed to get them to stand up.  As I was paying for my awesome new boots the sales lady asked if I knew how to keep them upright in the closet.  I said no.  She said to put a rolled up magazine in them.  Hmmm.  I wasn’t sure exactly sure how this would work but when I got home I grabbed a few old Pottery Barn catalogs, rolled them up and inserted into my boots.  When you place the rolled up magazine in the boot it expands and keeps the whole boot leg up.  Pretty amazing.



    And coming soon our Travel blog.

  • These shoes are made for walking!

    I FOUND THEM!  Finally after several weeks of looking I finally found the cute pair of everyday wedges I had been looking for.  I found them at Belk before I met the girls for dinner.  And the best part, they were on clearance and on sale.  Not even sure how that happened but when I got ready to party they were about $10.00 less then the clearance sticker.  Score! 

    I wore them to work today and they feel pretty good.  Just a little rubbing on my long toe. 

    ~ k


  • These shoes aren’t made for walking ;)

    Over the weekend I stumbled across an adorable pair of shoes.  A luck would have it they were the last pair and they were on clearance!  Woo hoo! This is actually how I found my last pair of awesome target shoes.    Granted these are not everyday shoes and my toes might hurt a little bit from wearing them today but hey sometimes you just have to suck it up. 😉


  • It’s another shoe post

    I’m still on the hunt for new shoes.  Today at lunch I ran to Cross Roads.  I forgot there was a DSW over there and conveniently located right next to Ulta!  I still don’t understand why it is soooo hard to find a cute pair of wedges.  I just need something to hold me over till fall when I can start wearing my boots again.  Actually I did find a couple of really cute wedges but DSW had nothing in the way of a small size.  When you can wear a 6-6.5 and all they have are 9+ you are kind of out of luck.

    I was browsing through the clearance shoes when I ran across an AMAZING pair of shoes.  First off let me just say these are not really shoes I would normally even try on.  But I was bored and well yeah.  I should have known they would look awesome.  {I have great ankles what can I say ;)}  I almost took a pic to send to Matt but decided against it.  Now I’m totally wishing I had.  But since I didn’t I just spent the last 5 mins trying to find them online.  Behold……

    See how great they are?  Not really your “wear everyday” shoe but mmmmmmm.


  • No shoes = Kindle?

    I just thought about it but I guess I should really update you about “the” shoes and I don’t mean my flip flops.  You know the adorable Calvin Kleins I was supposed to get.  Well on Saturday I made Matt run to the mall.  I really needed some more makeup but I also wanted to get some new shoes.  After running to the Bare Minerals store we headed to Macy’s.  Lo and behold I found my shoes quite quickly.  To my disappointment they really weren’t want I thought I wanted.  While they were really cute and comfy sling backs the heels just weren’t tall enough.  I’m short!  I need heels!  Or should I say I WANT heels!  These just weren’t high enough to make me the height I am. 😉  I did browse the shoe section to make sure there was nothing else that caught my eye.  Booo!  I came home shoeless.

    A few of the knotties turned nesters decided to start a book club.  I like to read so I decided to join in.  A book was decided on and it was time to start reading.  I told Matt after we left the mall that we needed to run by Target so I could get our book club book.  He then asked me if we needed to get me a Kindle.  With a small gleam in my eye I said yes.  Secretly I’ve kind of wanted a Kindle since he got one.  Really I think it was more because he had one and I didn’t {I know I know}.  We headed to Best Buy to buy me a Kindle!  YAY!

    I really really wanted a white Kindle but at nearly $200.00 it just wasn’t worth it.  I don’t really need wireless AND 3G, which is the only option for white.  I only need wireless so I settled for the gray wireless one with Ads.  Go me!  I saved us another $20.00 because the Kindle with Ads is cheaper.  The compromise is that I can get the AWESOME pink cover.  I ordered that as soon as we got home.  Now if the damn thing would ship.

    I will say while the Kindle is very easy to read the lack of page numbers is killing me.  I accidently pressed the wrong button last night {quite a few times dammit!} and got lost.  Ughh!  I know you can press the menu button to see the page number but really I just need page numbers!