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Bye bye food

Last night I went to the garage to get some supplies for a craft and I realized the outlet the freeze was plugged into wasn’t working. Matt went out back and flipped the switch. When I opened the freezer I noticed it was warm inside. Most of the top food, including all our frozen pizzas were defrosted. Thankfully most of our meat at the bottom was still frozen but the Popsicles at the bottom were melted and had dripped all over the bottom. Ugh. We spent the next 20 mins throwing food out and cleaning up the freezer. Not really how I wanted to spend my evening.

We’ve known this outlet would trip but normally it happens after a heavy rain. We haven’t had any rain so I’m not sure how long it had been off. I’m thinking only a day or so. I guess that’s one way to clean the freezer but man I wouldn’t mind a frozen pizza for dinner tonight.


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