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Daily Routine – Skin Care

Right now my skin is actually looking pretty good.  I just switched to a new face wash and I think it is working well.  A few weeks ago I was all about Mario Badescu but after a frustrating trip to Ulta I ended up with some Aveeno cleansing pads.  After the first use I realized they were much bigger than I needed so I cut them in half.  This was a great idea and now I get 2 months worth for the price of 1.

The problem I run into is I find a skin care regime that works and then I start to get adventurous and I change it up.  When that doesn’t work, I don’t go back to my old regime, I change it up again and then I spend a few months going “ugh my skin looks gross” until I find something else that works.  Hopefully this will help me keep up with what I’m doing currently. 😉

In the mornings I shower and use my Cerave hydrating cleanser.  When I get out I apply Finacea which was prescribed by my dermatologist a few years ago.  It’s kind of pricey but the tube will last me about a year so even at the top end of my rx copay it’s worth it.  (Just a side note but while I don’t feel the Finacea has really “cleared” up my skin.  I do feel as though it keeps it under control.  With that said I still feel it’s worth the money if you have adult acne.) Then I apply a nice thick coat of Cerave moisturizing lotion  along with whatever eye cream I have on hand.  I am currently using an Estee Lauder bottle my mom gave me but when this is out I will switch back to Roc.  I’m not crazy about the Roc and I think I will switch to Olay when I’m out of the next tube.  I let this all sit for 10 mins or so before I apply my makeup.  I am still loving the Clinique even better foundation mixed with my Olay total effects 7 signs of aging.  This gives me a nice coverage without being too heavy.

In the evenings, I am now using the rest of the oil from my OCM phase (it didn’t last long 😉 to remove my eye makeup.  It does a great job while being gentle on my eyes.  I just apply some oil to a cotton ball and wet the cotton ball a bit to keep the cotton from getting stuck in my lashes.  Then I use the Aveeno cleansing pads to remove my makeup.  These have a soft side and rough side.  I tend to use both sides even though I probably don’t really need to exfoliate every night.  Some nights I will apply Finacea, but this is only if I remember, then I slather, literally slather, my face with St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen lotion. (Had someone told me in my pre-teen and teen years I would apply moisturizer like a crazy person I would have laughed and said, umm No! I’ve had oily skin all my life so I have fought the urge to add moisture and tried to suck as much oil as possible from my skin.  Now that I’m older, my face isn’t as oily and I find I need the moisture but I also want to keep the wrinkles away and apparently people with oily skin wrinkle less.  Oy!)  Anyway, once my face is nice and slathered I add more eye cream and go to bed.

As you can see my skin routine isn’t anything crazy, at least I don’t think so.  My skin looks remarkably well since switching to the Aveeno honestly so hopefully I will stick with this for awhile and see even more results.

Happy Friday!


P.S. One week till someone’s (pointing to me) birthday!



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