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Dear Week,

Dear Week,

Please end, please end now!

Seriously this has felt like the LONGEST. WEEK. EVER!  I think almost everyone at work today stopped working around 4:30.  The day was just dragging like no other.  Hell the week has dragged on as well.  I’m ready for the weekend to be here.  I have no idea what I really plan to do.  I mean I have a hair appointment  Saturday and then Matt and I have shindig 2011.  But now that shindig has turned into baby-gate I doubt the day will be too crazy.

Can I also say how tired I am of clouds!  I feel like every time I look out the window I see clouds.  If it’s going to be cloudy, just rain already.  Obviously my herbs could use more water.

As you can see this weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek (get it, it’s drawn out, haha!) has completely fried my brain.  So much so that I’m now making bad internet blog jokes.

Peace out yo!


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