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Hello Wine Wednesday!

Hello wine Wednesday!  Regular Wednesday you suck!  Ughh!  Today has definitely been “one of those days”!  It’s mostly all boring work stuff that no one cares to read about so I won’t bore you with the details.  Let’s just say I was pretty happy to have a nice cheap bottle of wine in the fridge.  I definitely needed a glass when I got home.  Now I’m sitting outside with the kiddos enjoying another glass while Matt grills some yummy delicious hamburgers.  MMMM!

For some random reason Julio has decided he should jump up on the dresser and eat my plant.  I’m not sure where this is coming from but it doesn’t make me at all happy.  I noticed this afternoon he’s broken the long stem off now.  GRRR.  He got into trouble for that!  I mean these plants are not that old and to date they have been doing really well.  Honestly I’ve been pretty proud of myself since all of the plants I’ve bought lately are still alive.  (Trust me I suck at growing plants).  I don’t know why he is trying to kill it now.

Normally I have a black thumb so the fact that all of my plants are currently alive makes me pretty happy.  A few weeks ago Matt and I bought some plants for the front porch and I also got some Basil and Sweet Mint.  The plants on the porch look great but everyday my basil looks like it is on the edge of life.  Last night I decided to google basil and see what I was doing wrong, I mean it said it likes full sun.  Apparently basil is not like most herbs and loves water.  Thankfully I’ve been watering it pretty much daily so it’s hanging on.  I hope it makes it through the summer but with temps already reaching 100+ who knows.  At least, in my mind, it will be the heat and not my inability to keep something alive.  Cross your fingers people, I need all the help I can get. 🙂


PS. it is super hard to blog outside.  I can barely see my screen.  Thankfully I can see what I’m typing. 😉

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