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Define debacle

Define debacle

Back in January after a disastrous hair cut, I decided to call one of the more upscale salons in town. I may be cheap about certain things but my hair is not one of them. I will pay good money for a hair cut, within reason. So anyway the girl I saw in January did a good job and I decided I would go back to her. On Wednesday last week I emailed in to schedule an appt. By Thursday afternoon I realized I still hadn’t heard back so I called. The guy I spoke with made a comment about me calling the Raleigh location. (No shit Sherlock, that was the location I’d gone to before and the girls name was on their web page.) He booked my appt for 5:00 on Friday. I was pretty happy I was able to get in the next day.

Friday afternoon I leave work a little early and head to North Hills. When I arrive the receptionist is on the phone so I sit waiting for her to speak when she gets off. She never does. A few mins later another customer walks in and checks in. Since I’ve not been spoken to I walk to the counter to check in. The girl looks at the computer, looks at me and says who did you have an appt with? I repeat myself and she goes “oh she’s at the Cary location. I’m sure you could make it over there, she has some time after.” I’m like are you kidding me?!?! I just came from that area. There is NO way I am driving back over there on a Friday afternoon at 5:00 in the rain! I am completely livid that the guy who booked my appt failed to tell me she had moved locations. Realizing this is their fault, the receptionist is finally able to find a stylist that can squeeze me in at 6:00 if I’d like to wait.

I was determined to get my hair cut so I said I would wait. I ran across the street to JCPenny to kill some time and managed to find a cute top and a red necklace before heading back. The stylist I saw was nice and I thanked her for squeezing me in after she handed me a glass of wine.

I have to say I’ve been less than impressed with the office staff at Von Kekel since I scheduled my first appt last month. I really hope the Cary location staff is better because I will be headed over there for my next cut.

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