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Flea Market Finds

We finally had a beautiful weekend so on Saturday I knew staying indoors was off limits. Matt didn’t care to go to the flea market with me so I asked mom if she’d like to go. She said yes and I picked her up after lunch. I didn’t really have anything in particular I was looking for, mainly I just wanted to be out of the house and outside. There is a big flea market that sets up on the Fairgrounds in Raleigh most weekends and it’s mostly outdoors.

We wandered around for a while and the only thing that peeked my interest was an ammonite. The vendor was asking $15.00 which I didn’t feel was a bad price but, hey, it’s a flea market! You should never pay asking price right? 🙂 I decided to keep looking before I committed so we wondered around more. We stopped by a vendor selling fresh fruits and veggies and I picked up a container of strawberries and some grapes for Matt. This also broke the $20.00 I had in my purse. 🙂 We made our way back to the vendor with the ammonite since we were about to leave and I asked if he would take $10.00. He said yes and I grabbed the ammonite. I knew it would look awesome on the bookcase.


As we were walking out we saw a vendor that had some amethyst pieces. He was asking $8.00 and wouldn’t take the $5.00 I had left so we headed to the parking lot. As we were headed to the car we noticed a sign for the Tar Hill Gem and Mineral show in one of the buildings. Admission was free so we decided to check it out. There were tons of cool minerals, fossils, gems and stones. As we were walking around mom said she would buy me a mineral or rock if we found something cool. (There were tons of cool things, with really cool prices too!) There were a lot of vendors that had amethysts and the prices ranged for a few dollars to $20.00+. We noticed the deeper the purple the more expensive the piece. I didn’t really care about the color so much as the size. I wanted something kind of big to display.

I think we looked at almost every booth there and finally returned to a vendor that had several pieces under $10.00. I found a pretty big piece for $4.00 so mom bought me that. I have to say, for someone who isn’t a nerd, I was pretty darn excited over my finds. I knew my dad would be really proud of me buying these things.


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