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High Halle!

Get it?  HAHA!  Poor thing had her dental appointment this morning to have her teeth cleaned and possibly pulled.  I dropped her off before heading to work.  Around 10:30 I received a call from the Vet that the procedure was complete and no teeth had been extracted.

I am very excited they didn’t have to pull any of her teeth.  One that would totally suck for her and two it’s much easier on the wallet.

I picked her up this afternoon and she was not to happy.  Her poor little voice sounds kind of scratchy and weak.  She was very excited to be home.  And a little scared too I think.  I got her upstairs and opened the carrier to let her out and she was shaking.  I held her for a minute until she wanted to get down.  She immediately went to her food bowl and then downstairs.

Matt and I decided to take a little nap and when I came downstairs she was up.  Poor thing, her little eyes are soo big.  She looks pretty high.  🙂  I guess she’s not quite over all the effects of the anesthesia.  I grabbed her old time friend Fuzzy in hopes he would make her feel a little better.  I’m sure she’ll be back to her grumpy old self tomorrow.


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