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House update – It’s coming together

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for a friend at my mom’s house.  Her house is about 10 mins away from our new house.  Once the shower was over, mom and I decided to go check on the house progress. I was peasantly surprised to see lights were up and fixtures were in.  As part of our offer, Matt and I asked for upgraded bathroom fixtures in the Master bath.  It really was such a small thing but something I am now super happy we asked for.  I think it really looks nice and adds a little something to the room.

Master bath tub
Master bath sinks

Mom and I also ventured up into the attic.  There was a good bit of room up there but the stairs are really steep so I’m not sure how we’d get anything of substance up there. But you can get up there if you need to.  Coming down was an adventure because the stairs are so steep it was kind of scary.  I told her I had been there done that, and I wasn’t going up there again!  😉

Attic looking towards the front of the house.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the lighting package.  I’ve known from the start I would replace the dining room light.  I fell in love with a chandelier from World Market.  I’m not that crazy about the foyer light so I have a feeling that will be replaced at some point too.  The bathroom lights are fine but I might replace the globes eventually.  They just seem a little plain.  But really, I’m just so happy with got this house!

Dining room
Foyer (kind of blah)
IMG_4040 (1)
Island Pendant – which we both LOVE

The other builder we were considering finally has some of their houses for sale.  The plan we were looking at is for sale with about 700 sqft less than we got and pretty close to the price we are paying.  I feel like we got an EXTREMELY good deal from our builder, plus I think our house will be much nicer in the end.  Not to mention it’s already appraised for more than we paid. 😉

Kitchen faucet and tile. Tile will have white grout (though I kind of like it dark, it’s too late to change now)
Subway tile around the fireplace! Really glad we changed this.
View into the kitchen.
Mud bench. It will be painted the same as the doors but the bench will be left natural.
The door color
Laundry room cabinet and SINK!!!! I am so excited to have a sink in the laundry room!

While we were there, we stopped by the office.  The builder’s agent was on site and I wanted to check in with her.  She told me that her and another agent agreed the vanity in the Ensuite bath was too small.  She was going to work to see if we couldn’t get it changed out.  I must say it doesn’t look as bad with the vanity sink and lights in but it’s still not ideal.  I really just hope they change it out for something a little wider.

Ensuite vanity and light

Matt and I will be running by the house this weekend so I should have more updates next week.



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