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Moving day cold!

Friday just happened to be the coldest day of the year so far!  I woke up early and took the kiddos to mom and dad’s house for the day. On the way home I stopped to get coffee and donuts for the movers. The guys arrived at 9:00 and got to work.  By noon they… Read More Moving day cold!

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Keys to the Casa

Well, it’s OFFICIAL!  We have a brand new house! Due to weather concerns, our closing attorney pushed our closing from 10:30 yesterday to 2:30.  While I would have preferred to close a little earlier in the day, this allowed us to sleep in and take our time.  We met the builder and warranty guy at… Read More Keys to the Casa

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The countdown is on!

SEVEN DAYS till close! I’m currently sitting at my desk watching the clock.  I am leaving at noon to meet Matt at the clubhouse for lunch.  Then it’s our FINAL WALK THROUGH!!!!!  YAY! I’m getting excited and nervous!  I’m so ready to move.  😀 ~k

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Microwave killer

When Matt and I met almost 7 years ago, he didn’t have a functioning microwave in his house.  He told me it had broken shortly after he moved in which meant he had lived there for a few years without one!  Like who does that?!  Anyway, when I moved in I brought my little counter… Read More Microwave killer

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Under Contract

Under contract!!!  YAY! Matt and I put our house on the market on Thursday the 15th as we had someone requesting a showing before it was officially listed, it had been listed as Coming Soon a few days prior.  We had planned to list it on Friday but were able to get everything done by… Read More Under Contract