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I is crafty

I is crafty

Over the weekend I got the craft bug.  A trip to Michael’s and lots of money later I had tons of stuff for various craft projects.  One such idea I found on Pinterest was to use old cookie cutters and make them into Christmas ornaments.  As luck would have it I HAVE a few old cookie cutters that would be great ornaments.  And lets face it I couldn’t (and didn’t) use them.  So instead of them continuing to sit in the kitchen taking up space I decided to give them new life.

First I found some cute scrapbook paper.  Then I cut the paper to fit inside each cookie cutter.  This is not as easy as you might think.  After the first one I had the brilliant idea to use some ink on the cookie cutter to help give me a better outline.  That was a HUGE help.

The horse was a pain even with the outline.

As you can imagine stamping the outline on the back of the paper helped a lot.  Once I got the paper in both cutters I proceeded to slather them in mod podge.   At first I just put it on the cutter and put the paper on.  It easily came out so I decided to just go for it.  Then I added some cute scrap book flowers.  It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but at that point I had been in Michael’s entirely too long.

They don’t look bad.  I think the tree looks better with the flower but whatever.  I just need to add some ribbon to the back (once I get glue sticks to fit the glue gun I bought) and I think I might paint the outside of the horse.  I haven’t decided yet.  But as you can see I have a couple of cute ornaments that have meaning and only cost me a few bucks to make.


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