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I love to bake!

I love to bake!

I know I’ve said this before but I really do! I found a recipe for crusty bread on pinterest last week. Matt and I love bread but he really loves crusty bread. We’re talking 3 ingredients, about 2 minute prep time, and 12 – 18 hours of waiting. The most time consuming part is waiting for my pan to heat up in the oven.

Yesterday we ran to Costco and Matt saw a package of yeast while we were there. That was the only (and most important) ingredient I was missing. We picked it up and when we got home I mixed everything together. I was a little over zealous and made the dough early so mines been sitting for about 24 hours, oh well. If it flops I’ll try again. It’s too easy not to try and if it’s good I will be pleased.

I am a little disappointed with our weekend trip to the new West Elm store in Southpoint. They didn’t have the bed I was looking for in the store. Now I am on the hunt for something else. We aren’t trying to break the bank and I want something we can use with different furniture when we decide to buy a set. I’ve found a couple of options but Matt said he doesn’t know about buying something we can’t see. For the price I want to spend that’s just not going to happen…..


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