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  • It started with curtains

    Before we moved into the new house, we knew we would need new bedroom furniture.  Matt didn’t want to buy anything while we were still in the townhouse, since we had no clue what our new bedroom space would look like.  We ended up getting my old bedroom set from my mom and have had that for a few years now.  It was a decent size in the townhouse but we figured it would be too small once we moved.

    We’ve been in the new house for over a year and the bedroom just doesn’t fit.  The furniture is too small and the room as a whole was feeling kind of blah.  I told Matt the time was coming for a makeover.  I will hopefully have a little money from my grandmother and I told Matt part of that was going to redoing our bedroom!  Well, I’m still waiting to see how much money I might have but the bedroom makeover is under way.  It all started with curtains.

    I ran to Home Goods at lunch one day looking for a few more baskets for my closet.  I hadn’t planned to buy new curtains but while I was there I decided to see what they had.  I figured finding 6 curtain panels, in the right size, at Home Goods was probably impossible so I was SHOCKED when I found 3 pairs.  That I LOVED!  Needless to say the curtains came home with me.  We got the curtains hung and I was in love!  They were so light and airy and made the room feel much more cozy.  Of course, now the bedding didn’t match.  I found a set at Stein Mart I liked and mom was able to get me a discount.  With new bedding and curtains, the room was coming together.  I’d decided I wasn’t crazy about the pics I had over the bed though.  Not that that was a necessity at this point but I had causally started looking.

    image2 (5)

    The other day I ran to a junk store by my office.  It was recently purchased and the new owners have taken it upon themselves to start sprucing the place up.  When I first started going, it was a total hole!  Now it’s almost like a real store.  Anyway, while I was in there the other day I saw a painting when I walked in.  I glanced at it and kept moving.  As I was headed back to the front I noticed someone carrying it around.  I started talking to her and she ended up giving it back to me.  Whoops.  I really loved the frame but was a little disappointed the “painting” was only a print.  I ended up buying it with thoughts of removing the print and painting something myself.  I went as far as to find all the paint supplies I needed on Amazon.

    I got the picture home and waited for Matt’s reaction.  He was very “meh” about the whole thing.  While he was playing golf on Sat morning I propped the new pic up above the bed and immediately decided it was perfect!  I hung it on Sunday and it really adds to the room.  The pics are kind of hard to get a good feel but so far everything is coming together beautifully!  Now we just need the big stuff, like new furniture!

    image1 (4)

    If you are interested in the bedside tables, you can find that post here.

  • We have a bed!

    Thursday night Matt and I ran to Costco to pick up our new mattress.  We knew we wanted to have everything so Friday afternoon we could get the party started.

    Friday afternoon we moved our current bed to the spare room.  The plan had been to sleep in there over the weekend but more on that a little later.  Anyway we got everything cleaned up and ready for the new bed.  We bought a great bed from Overstock which I mentioned looks just like the Collette bed from Crate and Barrel and man was I impressed.  We opened the boxes and all the fabric parts were wrapped in a cloth like fabric.  We took the headboard upstairs and unwrapped it.  Much to my surprise the nail heads went all the way to the rails.  The picture on Overstock shows them stopping several inches above so I was super happy this was not the case.

    We grabbed the rails from the garage and began assembling the bed.  The install was pretty easy to be honest.  There is one rail that isn’t completely flush with the footer rail but it’s not really noticeable with bedding.  Once we got the bed together it was time to assemble the slats.  Matt looked and looked and apparently our bed didn’t come with instructions.  Great!  It took us a few minutes to really figure out what the heck was going on.  This was made more complicated by the fact we seemed to be missing some nuts.  I ran downstairs and thankfully they were in the corner of the box.  Once we had the nuts we were able to figure out what what going on.

    Next was the “hard” part.  We had to bring the 150 lbs mattress up 2 flights of stairs.  It was packaged in a box so that made it a little easier to maneuver   I wasn’t exactly sure how this all would work but Matt seemed pretty confident we would just put it on the slats and let it go.  I helped him get it out of the box and sat back to video our experience.  It was pretty cool to see this king sized mattress stuffed into a box and then watch it expand.  It didn’t take too long for the mattress to almost reach it’s full height of 12 inches.  Later that night it was over 11 3/4 inches so I was happy with that.

    Our plan had been to let the bed sit over the weekend but I slept so bad Friday night and Julio was all confused and didn’t sleep so we sucked it up and slept on the new bed Saturday night.  The mattress is rather firm.  It feels nice but I think I expected to sink in a little more.  I think the room looks really good now.  We just have a dresser that needs relocating. 😉




  • What the heck is it?

    And while a hard taco bassinet seems like a reasonable answer, I’m not sure that’s actually what it’s for. 😉

    I found this in my grandmothers house several years ago and am completely baffled as to what it is or what it’s for. My initial thought is that is is some sort of flower basket but I honestly don’t know. Anyone have any ideas?


  • A new project

    Woo hoo! Thanks to my lovely friend Sarah, I was perusing Craigslist tonight and came across a sweet little find. An antique and it’s only $10.00. I am pretty excited about this little gem. A little work, some paint and new fabric and this will be a great addition to the house.

    Enough teasing already. I’ll post pics after I pick it up. 🙂

    ~ k

  • A Place to Lay My Head

    For weeks now I have been scouring the internet looking for an affordable bed.  I’ve found a couple here and there that I liked but the ones I really liked weren’t platform beds and getting a box springs was out of the question.    Yesterday I ran across one Matt had nixed a few months ago.  As I was rereading the comments I noticed one that said this bed was almost identical to the Colette bed.  I had just looked at Crate and Barrel and thought the name sounded familiar.  Sure enough the bed I was looking at looks just like a Crate and Barrel bed listed for almost $2000.00.  The bed I was looking at on Overstock.com was less than half that price.  🙂

    I sent Matt the link to the Overstock bed again along with the link to Crate and Barrel bed.  I think that did it.  I think him seeing this bed against a much more expensive bed that looked almost identical was enough to say fine.  Finally, this morning, he told me to order the bed if that was the one I wanted.  YAY!  Our new bed has been ordered and it should be here within the next 6 weeks {though I am hopeful it will be much sooner}.

    Our Bed
    C&B Colette

    {The only difference I can see between these 2 beds besides the price tag are the feet.  Another thing that I find funny is the bedding on the bed we are getting is the same bedding I had a few years ago but I used the lighter side on top.}

    Now we just need to get a mattress.  The compromise is that Matt wanted a king size bed if we were getting a new one and I wanted a fake temperpedic mattress.  So far, I’ve run across several knock off that are really inexpensive.  Now they might not last more then a few years but that’s okay too.  As for bedding, I think I’m going to stick with the colors we are currently using.  I might have a plan for this but I’m not sure yet.  🙂


  • I love to bake!

    I know I’ve said this before but I really do! I found a recipe for crusty bread on pinterest last week. Matt and I love bread but he really loves crusty bread. We’re talking 3 ingredients, about 2 minute prep time, and 12 – 18 hours of waiting. The most time consuming part is waiting for my pan to heat up in the oven.

    Yesterday we ran to Costco and Matt saw a package of yeast while we were there. That was the only (and most important) ingredient I was missing. We picked it up and when we got home I mixed everything together. I was a little over zealous and made the dough early so mines been sitting for about 24 hours, oh well. If it flops I’ll try again. It’s too easy not to try and if it’s good I will be pleased.

    I am a little disappointed with our weekend trip to the new West Elm store in Southpoint. They didn’t have the bed I was looking for in the store. Now I am on the hunt for something else. We aren’t trying to break the bank and I want something we can use with different furniture when we decide to buy a set. I’ve found a couple of options but Matt said he doesn’t know about buying something we can’t see. For the price I want to spend that’s just not going to happen…..