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I may or may not

already have my Valentine’s day wreath on the door.  I know it’s a little early but I am really enjoying wreaths.  I made a burlap wreath a few months ago as a gift but ended up keeping it.

I have many many plans for this wreath and I am really excited all my hard work paid off.  Burlap is kind of a pain in the ass to work with but I got some helpful pointers from a fellow crafter at Joann’s while I was buying it.  I’m glad I took her advice.  If you mist it and then clip a single string close to the bottom you can pull it out and it gives you a guideline for cutting.  It was still messy and somewhat dusty but much easier to work with.

I found a cute heart and ribbon at Michael’s over the weekend and viola.  I have a wreath….on my door.



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