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Day 1

Of my new, fingers crossed, workout schedule.  The elliptical arrived Friday and Matt and I spent 3 hours that night putting it together.  It really wasn’t that difficult but we  read the directions and made sure we put it together correctly. 🙂  And by we I mean Matt. 😉

Matt has never really worked out on an elliptical so I think he has been surprised that it really is a pretty good workout.  I had planned to workout when I got home today and in my head I was like “oh yeah piece of cake, I’ll just workout for half an hour.”  OK. About 5 minutes in I was like I’m not gonna make it the full half hour.  So then I set my next, more realistic goal….15 minutes.  Woo hooo!  I made that goal. 🙂

And you know the best thing, it has a built in FAN!


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