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I want a BIG vase!

I want a BIG vase!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the canvas I got for one of our wedding pics.  Ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the fireplace mantel.  I found an awesome E at Stein Mart a while back and I know I want to keep that up there as well.  But what else can I add?  I have no idea.  I thought about a vase.  I know sort of what I’m looking for but I can’t seem to find one that matches or one that I like.  I actually bought something a few weeks ago but I decided it just wasn’t what I wanted.  So now I’m looking for more ideas.  Gotta love google. 🙂  I have decided I think I am going to scratch the vase idea and look for something else.  Why you ask?  Because I think I want to get a large vase to stand beside the fireplace.  I’m kind of super excited about this idea really.

I think something similar to the green vase in the bottom left corner is what I’m looking for {or that EXACT one}.  I’m not sure yet.  I’m pretty sure Matt isn’t going to be keen on this idea, are you hun?  But I really think it would look pretty amazing sitting beside the fireplace.  hmmmm.


3 thoughts on “I want a BIG vase!

  1. What is the name of the store where you found the vases above? I’m looking for green ones, as well and love the ones in the picture.


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