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It’s another shoe post

I’m still on the hunt for new shoes.  Today at lunch I ran to Cross Roads.  I forgot there was a DSW over there and conveniently located right next to Ulta!  I still don’t understand why it is soooo hard to find a cute pair of wedges.  I just need something to hold me over till fall when I can start wearing my boots again.  Actually I did find a couple of really cute wedges but DSW had nothing in the way of a small size.  When you can wear a 6-6.5 and all they have are 9+ you are kind of out of luck.

I was browsing through the clearance shoes when I ran across an AMAZING pair of shoes.  First off let me just say these are not really shoes I would normally even try on.  But I was bored and well yeah.  I should have known they would look awesome.  {I have great ankles what can I say ;)}  I almost took a pic to send to Matt but decided against it.  Now I’m totally wishing I had.  But since I didn’t I just spent the last 5 mins trying to find them online.  Behold……

See how great they are?  Not really your “wear everyday” shoe but mmmmmmm.


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