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I’m falling apart! It’s official!

I’ve been married less then 2 months and I am already falling apart.  More so now then before.   I blame Matt.  🙂  When we first got back he had some random cough that caused him to sleep on the couch the first week of marriage.  Poor thing would wake up in the middle of the night having coughing fits and would go downstairs so I could sleep.  A few days later I got said cough.  Thankfully mine didn’t last as long as his did and I didn’t sleep on the couch.  I know I’m a bad wife. hehe.

Then a few weeks ago I had some random throat thing.  Who knows what the hell that mess was.  It was awful and I wanted to pull my tonsils out.  It probably wouldn’t have hurt that bad.  A doctor visit and a week of antibiotics later I finally started feel better.  Granted my throat started to feel better a day or so after I started the meds but it was still funky, even after I finished the antibiotics.

Now I have a bladder infection.  If you’ve never had one let me just say you are lucky.  They are the devil.  Seriously they suck!  It started on Saturday but I pushed through.  Sunday I got some over the counter meds but those didn’t do much and by this morning I was done.  My regular doc was booked till tomorrow afternoon and I knew I couldn’t make it that long.  I called my old place and they were able to get me in first thing this morning.  Thank goodness!  PLUS, I was in and out by 9am.  This is no small feat considering I stopped going there because it would normally take me and hour plus for the most basic things.  I personally blame the office manager.   But whatever, I was able to see a doc, get meds and get the hell out of there in 30 mins.  I will consider the whole appointment a success.

The doc told me to wait on the test results before filling my antibiotics but I didn’t bother to wait.  I knew what was wrong so I stopped by CVS before coming in to work.  Now I am finally starting to feel better.  It’s amazing what one little pill can do.  It might not hurt that I’ve also now taken 2 Excedrin.  My head is killing me.  Ughh!  I hate headaches.  They suck too!

Wow so that was way more then I expected to write about falling apart.  I guess this is what happens when I blog at work.  I seem to get lost in my head and the words just flow.  🙂  And now it’s just about that time to pack it up and head home!

Till tomorrow!


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