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I’m glowy

A few months ago I mentioned my new makeup routine.  I am still totally digging this combo but in the past month or so I’ve added something else to my skin care regime.  I added Cod Liver Oil capsules.  Of course, I stumbled on this little gem on pinterest one day (apparently this was something I saw, read and did not pin.)  Anyway, I thought what the hell so I ran to the vitamin store and picked up a bottle.  The bottle contains like 500 pills and was around $15.00.  Pretty good deal really.

So I’ve been taking the Cod Liver Oil for a month or so now and  in the past week or so I’ve noticed how  much “glowier” my skin is. I even had a friend text me to see if there was something I wasn’t telling her.  No that’s not the reason my skin looks nice.  I am really starting to think it has to do with the Cod Liver Oil.  It’s the only thing I’ve changed recently.  I’ve only had a few small breakouts since I started taking it too.

If you are looking to add a little something to your skin care routine I would highly recommend adding this oil.  It has tons of benefits not just skin related benefits.  But who doesn’t want glowy skin?


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