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Biting off more than I can chew?

This year Matt’s parents will be in England for Thanksgiving and his brother will be working in Atlanta.  My parents are now about 15 minutes away so they will be joining us for Thanksgiving.  This will be the first time in about 3 years I think.

Since Matt and I have been together, I have been determined for us to find our own Thanksgiving traditions, including foods.  The past few years we done this and that with the hopes of finally nailing down a menu but this year, this year I am going to do all of the cooking myself (I’ve even labeled all my recipes so I will have them moving forward).  Matt will deep fry (with our oil-less fryer) the turkey and I will make the sides.

We sat down the other day and came up with a rough menu.  Yesterday at work I started looking for recipes for the items we want to have.  I guess everything on the menu is pretty standard but I really want our kids (and us too) to look forward to the familiar foods that are Thanksgiving.  I am also adding a few new items to our menu this year including homemade rolls and an apple pie.  🙂  I had a test run with the rolls a month or two ago so I know what to expect but I’ve never made an apple pie.  Honestly I’m looking forward to this little experiment.  I’ve decided to make the pie the day before.  This should allow me plenty of time to cook the food without worrying about dessert.  I also plan to prep a  few items the night before so I can just throw them in the oven when I’m ready.

Hopefully the day will be semi-stress free if I have a plan.  I’m sure the wine will be flowing so that will also help. 😉



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