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It was a bag bust

I got some money for Christmas and decided I wanted to buy a nice, as in designer, handbag with it.  I’ve been wanting a new one and now that I had a little fun money I decided this was going to happen.  About a week ago I decided to actually start looking.  My first thought was Michael Kors.  They are super popular right now plus they sell them at Stein Mart.  Mom currently works at Stein Mart, which equals discount.  😀  I searched all of the Stein Marts near me and didn’t really find what I was looking for so I started searching ebay.  One night I finally found an amazing MK bag and placed a bid.  Then, with seconds, left, I was outbid!  Bummer.  I kept looking and found a few others I might be interested in but nothing I was willing to spend the money for.

Finally last weekend I ran to TJ Maxx to check out what they had.  I found the MK bag I bid on in black but I don’t want a black bag.  I’d prefer something off white or tan even.  The one thing I did notice was that for the price, I was not completely blown away with the MK quality.  One thing I did find at TJ Maxx was an amazing Badgley Mischka bag.  It wasn’t what I was looking for stylewise but the quality was AMAZING!  Soft supple leather.  It was heaven.  When I got home I searched ebay again for Badgley Mischka this time and found a really cute bag.  It had been a closeout, or something, at Nordstrom selling for $109.00.  The problem was the big seemed huge.  Awesome, but too big.

Then I got an email from Coach.  I’d been eyeing one of their Hobo bags for a few weeks.  It was on sale so I bought it.  It arrived today at my office around lunch.  I tore into the box only to discover a small tear in the leather along with some brown speckles.  BOOO!  I was disappointed it was defective but I was even more disappointed that shoulder drop was way too short.  It basically sits right under your arm so while I did like the bag it makes it very difficult to carry with any sort of jacket.  Ugh!

Now it’s back to the drawing board.  I was so happy to find a handbag because I was starting to dream about them I was looking so hard.  HAHA!


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