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It’s a trust thing

Nothing makes me angrier than other people talking about my private matters. My mother thinks it is her job to tell everyone we know our (mine and Matt’s) personal business! I am beyond annoyed about this. I have asked her repeatedly to keep her damn mouth shut and she continues to tell more people!

This is a huge violation of my trust and it makes me mad she still thinks it’s okay “because it’s so and so.” If I wanted so and so to know my personal business I could call or email them and tell them what the hell is going on. Otherwise it’s NONE of their business! At this point she is out of the loop. It’s sad that I don’t feel I can trust my own mom with personal items. It’s nice to talk to her but if I can’t trust her then I have no other choice then to just not tell her anything.

It’s super frustrating that she just doesn’t “get” it. And I think what bothers me even more is her “no big deal” attitude. I don’t go around blabbing her personal affairs and I would appreciate it if she would do the same.

Okay rant over.


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