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Ups and downs

This week has been full of them.  It started Wednesday when I got to work only to find the power was out and I had to turn around and work from home – that didn’t suck.  But I did get some disappointing news that morning. Then on Matt’s way home, he was rear ended. Thankfully both him and the car were okay. Well the bumper on the car is a little messed and  if the car weren’t actually only a few months old we probably wouldn’t even fix it.  Since the car is new and someone else is paying the car will be fixed. Bumpers for BMWs aren’t cheap per the quote Matt got today.

We did get some good news this week. Mom and dad have their house up for sale and yesterday they found out they would be getting an offer.  The offer came in today and it seems to be a pretty decent offer but they are still working out the details. As of now I’m still not sure what’s going on and I’m not sure they do either. Their plan is to sell the house and move to Raleigh. So lots of stuff is still up in the air with them.


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