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It’s about time!

So Wednesday was girl’s night and apparently while out I ate something weird because yesterday I felt like crap.  I actually woke up around 1 am and thought I was going to pass out.  Not fun.  Yesterday was spent lying on the couch watching movies.   Thankfully I feel better today.

We had an off-site meeting this afternoon for work so I was able to leave when the meeting was over.  Now I’m at home waiting on the hubs so we can go to Lowe’s and buy a new microwave.

True story – Matt’s microwave, the one over the stove, has not worked in ohhh, four years.  When I moved in I brought my little microwave that sits on the counter.  And now that the wedding is over we have a few more small appliances and no room for them.  Getting rid of the little microwave would add some counter space.  So I finally convinced Matt we MUST get a new one.  Thanks to all our spending and our cash back rewards, our credit card will end up paying for the new microwave.  Whoop whoop!  Now we just need to go get one and install it.  YAY!


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