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I just need fabric!

Last weekend Matt and I ended up going over to Triangle Town Center mall.  There’s not a whole lot there but they have this really awesome store called ZGallerie.  I love to go in this store and look around.  I would love to buy some of there stuff but it’s a little pricey and I’m not sure how Matt would feel coming home to some of the items they have.  Of course I think it is all fantastic.  🙂

Anyway, while we were there looking through the art work I found a couple of neat prints.  They gave me an idea.  Since they didn’t match our bedroom and well they were $90.00 each, which isn’t that bad, I’ve now decided to make something similar.  I just need to find something with a pattern I like and colors that match our room and then I can frame them.  My first thought was fabric and over the weekend we were by a fabric store so I made Matt run in.  I found a really cool print in a sample pack but they were out of the bolt.  Booo!  There is another fabric store closer to work so I decided to run there during lunch today.  I looked and looked and they had a lot of fabric but nothing I really thought would work.  Plus there was a really long line at the cutting station.

Since I seemed to be out of luck in the fabric department it hit me that I might could find some cool napkins that would work.  This would also keep me from having to deal with figuring out the repeat of a pattern and measuring.  Because I pretty much suck at measuring. 🙂  There was a World Market next to the fabric store so I headed next door.  I looked at everything from gift wrap to bags to pillows as I made my way around the store.  When I finally got to the kitchen and dining section I realized they didn’t have anything either.  They had some cute stuff but nothing that would match our bedroom.  All in all it was pretty unproductive.

Now I am on the search for something with a cool pattern that will do with the blue and brown I have in the bedroom.  Hopefully I will find something soon.  If and when I do I’ll post some pics.


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