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It’s like a new room

It’s like a new room

Only it’s not.  Over the weekend Matt and I FINALLY painted our bedroom!  WOOO HOOO!  This was the last “room” that needed to be painted before new carpet.  We started Sunday afternoon with the expectation it would take us 2 days.  I mean we even went to Lowe’s and bought a ladder.

Anyway once we got started, the paint flew on the walls and before we knew it we already had the 2 larger walls done.  Two coats done.  At this point I think it was probably only about 3pm and we didn’t start till after 1.  With that we moved the furniture around again and started on the other 2 walls.  Matt taped and I started painting the trim.  You see, we’ve figured out the secret to nice lines, is a thin coat of white (or your base paint) on the moldings.  Give it a few minutes, or half an hour, and begin painting.  Before we knew it we were done with the whole room and it wasn’t even time for dinner.  We’ve definitely gotten better and quicker. 😉

By 7pm the room was back to normal, all the paint stuff was put away and Matt was grilling dinner.  We couldn’t believe just how quickly the painting had gone.  But man was it nice to know we would have Monday free.

*You can’t really see the color but it’s the same as our spare room, which apparently I never blogged. 😉

As we were putting the room back in order I made Matt put our “ugly” chest up against the wall a different way which puts it behind the door and man oh man does the room feel different for me.  You see the “ugly” chest had been pushed up against my bedside table for forever!  When I moved in we ended up putting all my furniture in our guest room.  That left Matt’s room with a bed, one bedside table, ugly chest and  a TV stand and TV.  Of course I hated this arrangement so we bought some bedside tables from Walmart and my mom gave us my old bedroom set, like from when I was a kid.  Now our bedroom has a light colored bed and ugly chest along with black chest of drawers, dresser and beside tables.  This is really not ideal and we will be getting new furniture shortly after we get new carpet.

I also decided it was time to change out the prints above the bed.  You can see the originals here.  I have to say this is one of the cheapest and easiest projects I’ve done.  For the cost of 4 frames and couple of pieces of scrapbook paper you can make art.  And then change it should you paint the room, move to a different place, relocate the pics.  Whatever!  It’s simple.

So that is kind of what we did over the holiday weekend.  We actually got a lot done.  🙂


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