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Back on the bandwagon

Back on the bandwagon

for this week.  I finally weighed myself the other day and nearly died when I saw the number….I’m back to what I consider my “heavy” weight so that means my lazy ass is back on the elliptical.  And I’ve decided to add a few random exercises like push ups and jumping jacks to the list.  Plus this helps me stretch a little.

Anyone who knows me knows how incredible UN-flexible I am.  Like super unflexible.  Even as long and lanky kid I wasn’t flexible like the other girls.  I can only blame this on my mom for not letting me take ballet lessons as a kid.  {She didn’t like the ballet teacher.}  HMPH!  Anyway, for years I’ve tried, sporadically of course, to get more flexible.  But that, just like my random work-outs, never actually last too long.  Normally I manage to injure my knee right about the time I’m finding my work-out stride.  No kidding, damn things are always giving out or up or something.

As a kid, like a little kid, I was a cheerleader and we had to wear Keds as part of our uniform.  I would come home and my feet and ankles would be swollen.  Our only thought is that I did some damage to my knees with that and as I got older the soft spots behind my knee caps never toughened up like they should.  In college I hurt my knee moving, to the point I ended up in physical therapy.  The therapist said my hips were out of alignment.  Weird.  After that, my knees would bother me on and off but nothing too bad until I moved to NC.  I was on a work-out kick, thanks to the Exercise on Demand channel, and something I did pulled something and I ended up with a bum knee and a dent in my thigh.  Like a really noticable dent.  It definitely freaked me out.  Back to the orthopedist I went.  He did some x-rays but nothing showed up so I went back to PT.  The dent got a little better after a few sessions but it took months to actually heal and look normal.  Funny thing is I don’t remember it actually hurting.  It just looked weird as hell.

Anyway we’ll see how long this latest kick lasts.


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