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I’ve got linens!

I’ve got linens!

Okay so the past few days have been really boring and my blog has really suffered.  It’s so weird how once I get home it seems so hard to find something to write about.  Last night I mentioned Matt and I had been cleaning up for our guests.  While we were straightening up the extra room {note I don’t call this the guest room because it is really just an extra room with a bed, later it will become our nursery} I decided I wanted to add a little something to the bedside table/tv tray.

A few years back my grandmother gave me tons of old table cloths and napkins and linens.  When I was single and living by myself I would host girl’s nights at my apartment.  I would always take the time to find the right table cloth for the night and set my table.  Most of the table cloths my grandmother gave me are pretty old and stained, either from time or something that set in 40+ years ago.  Normally I will layer a few of them to hide this or that.  But anyway, I decided to look through them last night to see if I could find something to half way cover the table.  I started with a white cloth with red, yellow and grey stripes.  That one seemed to plain so next I grabbed a pretty red and white checkered pattern.  This one has some cute stitching on the edges but I still didn’t like it.  Then I found a super cute one with blue and yellow birds.  And that was it.  It looked really cute on the tray but I noticed a few stains right in the middle.  I grabbed a doily and voila!  Spots eliminated.

Later I started thinking about all the linens I have from my grandmother that aren’t really usable anymore.  A few are still okay and I do use them on occasion but there are quite a few that I would either never use, due to pattern or stains or tears.  I’m thinking maybe I could take all of these old linens and make some sort of quilt from them.  Granted I have no idea how to make a quilt but I’m sure my friend Google could help me.  I mean this way I could cut out the bad pieces and use the good ones.  I have no idea how this would turn out but it would get free up some space.  I currently have at least 3 drawers full of linens.

I’ll try to remember to take a few pics of the “dressed up” tv tray and post them.


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