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Let there be light!

Matt and I were very busy over the weekend.  On Saturday we drove to VA Beach for the day to see my friend Brandi and her new baby, Brooklyn.  Brooklyn was an absolute doll.  There is nothing sweeter then a baby sleeping in your arms making little baby coos.

Saturday the in-laws drove up to get Matt’s aunt and grandmother.  They flew in from London for vacation.  After lunch Matt and I headed to Target to grab a few things.  As we were browsing we came across some cute solar powered lights for the walkway.  Now we don’t really need little lights to line the sidewalk because we keep our porch lights on but they were just too cute to pass up and at $5.00 each I thought they were a steal.  When we got home we immediately put them in the ground and “ahhhhhhhhhh” they look awesome!  You can’t see them from the street really but I know they are there.


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