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One more thing

about our cruise.  I’ve been meaning to blog this but I just keep forgetting.

We had a great dinner staff as I mentioned on the travel blog but I have failed to mention our wine attendant Ronald.  He was super friendly and always moving from table to table telling jokes or teaching the kids magic tricks.  We got to know him pretty well since we normally ordered a bottle of wine with dinner.

One night he noticed a wine cork sitting beside my plate.  He went to grab it then asked if I collected them.  I told him I did collect corks and had a huge vase at home full of them.  He asked if I would like more.  Of course as I am nodding my head yes, Matt is shaking his head no.  “She doesn’t need anymore corks.”  Ronald told me he would start working on a collection for me.  Needless to say I was super excited, though I really hoped he didn’t show up with a trash bag full. 🙂

Our last night on the cruise Ronald came over and gave me a cute little box filled with corks.  Aww!  It was so sweet and cute and such a nice little gift.  {I’m sure he does it for everyone, but it did make me feel pretty special.}

Now I just need to find a good place to put it.




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