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Microwave killer

When Matt and I met almost 7 years ago, he didn’t have a functioning microwave in his house.  He told me it had broken shortly after he moved in which meant he had lived there for a few years without one!  Like who does that?!  Anyway, when I moved in I brought my little counter microwave.  That worked well for a while but after we got married we decided it was time to replace the microwave.  We went to Lowes armed with some gift cards and bought a new one.

As we were taking the old microwave down, we noticed that whoever installed it had drilled directly into it.  So, no wonder it didn’t work.  With a new microwave installed we went about our daily lives.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, like the week before we list our house.  I go to heat up some frozen bread in the microwave.  I notice it’s not really getting warm or defrosting but I can’t really tell.  Finally I tell Matt I don’t think the microwave is working.  He comes in the kitchen and puts a cup of water in.  A minute and a half later it comes out, cold.  You’ve got to be kidding right? Here we are a week from listing our house and the damn microwave goes out.  We decide to disclose this to the buyers and say we will fix it before close.

Yesterday we had the inspection on the new house.  I had kind of questioned whether we really needed to have an inspection done on a new house but Matt assured me we did.  Turns out, he was right!  The inspector found a few things wrong with the new house.  Nothing crazy but one of the toilets that was replaced is leaking and there is an issue with some of the flashing on the roof.  Oh and let’s not forget the microwave.  But it’s a brand new microwave right? That’s right, our BRAND NEW microwave, that’s probably never been used, is not working!

I’ve never once had an issue with a microwave, NEVER!  Matt, on the other hand, has now been labeled the “microwave killer”.  I have no clue what the hell he is doing but this has to be his fault.  All the microwave issues started with him.  😉  So it’s looking like we will get another new microwave for the new house.  Plus we will be purchasing a new microwave for the current house.

Can we just move already?!?!  haha



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