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Oh Monday

I am happy to report I am starting to feel much better.  My throat is no longer as sore or icky has it was last week.  Minus the stupid tickle in the back of my throat that has started to cause coughing fits I’m doing pretty good.  I really think the antibiotics were the way to go.

Now I’m just sitting on the couch waiting for Matt to get home.  He had to work late tonight.  The guy he replaced is coming in to go over a few more things with him.  I wish I would be the good wife and have dinner ready for him but unfortunately I don’t feel creative enough to come up with dishes from stuff we have in the house.  Normally I have to find a recipe and then run to the store to make something yummy happen.  Matt on the other hand is really good about looking around and figuring out something to make.  Obviously I will have to work on this. 🙂

And speaking of, he just texted to say he was on his way home.

I must say though, I’m glad he’s on his way home but it was nice to have a little time to sit.  The kiddos and I went and sat on the deck for a little while.  In between making sure Julio wasn’t about to jump off to catch a bird in the tree and watching him roll over and be silly, it was nice to sit outside for a few minutes.  It’s still pretty warm out but there was a nice breeze blowing.  The kiddos enjoyed it and are now snoozing on the floor.


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