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3rd time is the charm apparently when it comes to organizing my bathroom cabinet. The first two options didn’t work so I ran back to the Container Store Wednesday afternoon and picked up a metal rack with sliding baskets.

My first choice was too wide, and my second choice left me with the same mess I had before and less overall space. The wire basket turned out to be the best because it utilized the vertical space. I was able to get almost everything in one of the two baskets. I put my daily items in one of the small baskets I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond and I also picked up a super small basket from the Container Store to hold things like my contact case, ring box, and floss. Overall I think I am pretty happy with the new arrangement. Everything has a place now.

Here are a few pics of before, during and after.

Before – I told you it was a disaster!

During with the BB&B option – As you can see there is stuff all over the floor because I don’t know what to do with it.



I know it’s still kind of cluttered but it stores the stuff I don’t use as often and gets it out of the way. The stuff I do use is in the front of the baskets or in one of the two separate baskets. This also ended up costing me a little more than I had anticipated. Total cost for my sink was about $40.00.


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