3rd time is the charm apparently when it comes to organizing my bathroom cabinet. The first two options didn’t work so I ran back to the Container Store Wednesday afternoon and picked up a metal rack with sliding baskets. My first choice was too wide, and my second choice left me with the same mess… Read More Organized….


A cluttered mess

Under my bathroom sink is and has been a disaster for a while.  It’s not a huge space but it’s okay.  Every time I clean it out and throw stuff away I think to myself, wow this looks much better, I’m going to keep it this way.  Inevitably, a few weeks later it is a… Read More A cluttered mess


In the closet

I think I mentioned in my carpet post that I had plans to rearrange the closet when we got everything back in order.  Well I did just that on Saturday.  We bought a shoe holder shelf for the closet and I’ve been waiting for Matt to put it in before we moved everything back to… Read More In the closet