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  • Organized….

    3rd time is the charm apparently when it comes to organizing my bathroom cabinet. The first two options didn’t work so I ran back to the Container Store Wednesday afternoon and picked up a metal rack with sliding baskets.

    My first choice was too wide, and my second choice left me with the same mess I had before and less overall space. The wire basket turned out to be the best because it utilized the vertical space. I was able to get almost everything in one of the two baskets. I put my daily items in one of the small baskets I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond and I also picked up a super small basket from the Container Store to hold things like my contact case, ring box, and floss. Overall I think I am pretty happy with the new arrangement. Everything has a place now.

    Here are a few pics of before, during and after.

    Before – I told you it was a disaster!

    During with the BB&B option – As you can see there is stuff all over the floor because I don’t know what to do with it.



    I know it’s still kind of cluttered but it stores the stuff I don’t use as often and gets it out of the way. The stuff I do use is in the front of the baskets or in one of the two separate baskets. This also ended up costing me a little more than I had anticipated. Total cost for my sink was about $40.00.


  • A cluttered mess

    Under my bathroom sink is and has been a disaster for a while.  It’s not a huge space but it’s okay.  Every time I clean it out and throw stuff away I think to myself, wow this looks much better, I’m going to keep it this way.  Inevitably, a few weeks later it is a disaster again.  Last week I decided I had had enough and I started looking for organizers.  I found a really awesome one at the Container Store.  It was on a slider and had a small stackable tub.  Perfect!

    Over the weekend Matt and I ran to the Container Store and bought my new storage bin.  I even measured beforehand to make sure it would fit.  Well wouldn’t you know I didn’t account for a stupid pipe in the back and the damn thing about was an inch too wide. 🙁  It fit under the kitchen sink so now it lives there.  I ran back to the Container Store on Sunday in hopes I could find something similar only a little smaller.  No such luck so I started scouring the internet.  I finally found something stackable at Bed, Bath and Beyond so I braved the flood to purchase my items.

    Tonight I plan on cleaning out my cabinet in hopes of finally getting it organized.  I’ll even take before and after pics to post tomorrow.  I’m going to just say I’m pretty embarrassed at how awful under my sink is.


  • In the closet

    I think I mentioned in my carpet post that I had plans to rearrange the closet when we got everything back in order.  Well I did just that on Saturday.  We bought a shoe holder shelf for the closet and I’ve been waiting for Matt to put it in before we moved everything back to the closet.

    The shelf we bought turned out to be a little too big for the closet so Matt cut in down and then installed it.  It’s low and slanted so it doesn’t get in the way of our clothes but it is high enough off the floor that we can put shoes under it too.  Mainly this is now where all of my shoes are.  Matt’s shoes are in a shoe holder hanging on the door.  {Basically we both have too many shoes!}

    This is right after we put the shelf in.

    The shelf with my shoes.

    The closet back in order.


    I know it’s still kind of messy but there is only so much you can do with 2 people and 1 small closet. Anyway, I said I rearranged and I did. Before we had 2 plastic bins on the left hand side, to the front of the closet. This is our “dressing station.” Basically where we throw our jeans at night. 😉 Then Matt had this shorts and pants behind the bins. On the right bottom side he had all of his polo type shirts. I didn’t feel this was the best use of our space and, well I rearranged without him so I put stuff back where I wanted it. I moved the bins to the right hand side and now all of his clothes are to the left. My clothes are now along the back wall and on the top right shelf. To me, the closet feels a little more spacious and it allows me easier access to my shoes.

    Oh and I just wanted to mention the shelving cost us about $20.00.  This was much cheaper then other shoe holders and to me, gives us a lot more space.