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I posted a few pics from my dad’s photo shoot on Sunday, well he was having website issues so I decided to play around with my photo site. You know, that thing I haven’t touched in about a year? Poor Matt and ripped down and reinstalled numerous platforms and operating systems for me to try. It all started when I asked him to install Piwigo which is what dad’s site is currently using. I was trying to add something and didn’t want to experiment on his page so I tore my site down and started over. Then I wanted to try another one to see if I liked it and might move dad’s. Finally I settled on a WordPress site.

I feel like the current options were available when I first started trying to build my photo site because I feel like I am finding tons of options now. The gallery features are much cooler, there are cart options. It really does have it all. My main complaint the first go round were the gallery features. They were boring, boxy and kind of sucky. Now they slide, glide, fade. You name it you can find it. I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s also given me something to do at work when I have some downtime.

I still have a lot more to do, like actually adding good pics but so far I’m happy with the direction my site is going.

Feedback is welcome. Kelly Suzanne photography


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