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The day Mr. Julio almost got a kitten

Yesterday morning started off  just like any other day until I got to work.  A coworker was in the elevator with me and as soon as we were on our floor she asked if I wanted a kitten.  Duh!  Of COURSE I want a kitten!  She proceeded to tell me her boyfriend found the kitten in the back of a tractor trailer at his work.  She had accidentally been shipped from South Carolina and had been in the truck for 3 days without food or water.  As my heart is breaking, I tell her to email me a few pics.  I will need to talk to my husband.

I immediately forward the emails with pics to Matt.  He never responds, but I also know he is busy, so I don’t push.  Around lunch time we are chatting and I mention the cat again.  He finally responds with “fine you can get the kitten but there is no more ‘fun’ money until her vet bills are paid.”  WHAT!?!?  He actually said Yes!  Woo hoo!

Thankfully I’d heard from another coworker that the kitten had found a good home so I knew she wasn’t available when I asked Matt again.  I finally told him she’d found a good home, which made me happy.  I mean if it came down to it, she would now be living at our house.  I just couldn’t stand the idea of her going without food or water for days and then not finding a good home.

I do have a feeling that Mr. Julio is going to end up with a kitten sooner rather than later.  I want him to have a friend before he gets too old.  He is so social I don’t know what he’ll do once Hal is gone.  So the next “free” kitten might just end up at our house. 😉


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