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Product Review – Twistband

A few weeks ago I saw this cool product called Twistbands in an email from my salon. At the time I was sleeping with my hair pulled up almost every night. My hair was longer and driving me crazy being down while I was trying to sleep. I’d been sleeping with my hair up for a couple of months when I started to see a lot of fly aways on the top of my head. At first I thought it was just new growth but the more I saw the more I started to think it was from the regular hair bands I was using.

When I got the email from my salon I looked up Twistbands to see what all the hype was about. Once I read the site I knew I had to have some. I love new products. The day I went to the salon I grabbed a 3 pack and cut my hair. 😉 Now I am no longer sleeping with my hair up because it’s shorter but I am still using the Twistband. So here’s my review:

To be perfectly honest, I think they are a waste of money. I paid $5.00 for 3. I could have gone to Joann’s and and bought this elastic for less I’m sure. (I haven’t been to Joann’s to look yet but I promise I will do this and report back.) Here are the problems I have with this product. First and foremost, I think they are over priced. Yes I know you have a make a profit but come on…..My second complaint is the quality. I paid 5.00 for 3 and they have raveled like nobodies business. This was something I easily solved with a lighter. And if we are being honest here, had the ends been seared and they hadn’t raveled I’d probably be a little happier overall. Basically this is a want product. Sure it does okay for my hair but I have short thin hair. Maybe I would think they were better if I had longer thicker hair.

I always wear the black one. See all the raveling?
Packaging and the 2 I haven’t used yet next to the one I always use.

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