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PSA and a product review

PSA – Old Navy is having a killer online sale right now.  Matt and I both bought a few new shirts last night. If you need some clothes, def check out Old Navy.  The sale ends tomorrow!

Now on to the fun stuff, makeup!  A few weeks ago I found a new and great mascara.  It’s Loreal’s Power Volume Collagen mascara.  This stuff is the bomb!  Like for realz!  😉  If there is one makeup item on my must have list it is mascara.  I LOVE mascara!  I don’t think anyone should ever leave the house without it to be honest.  It just gives your eyes a kick.  I guess it doesn’t help that I have super light eyelashes and always need mascara.  I used to get my eyelashes dyed when I was in Alabama, it was my “treat”.   When I moved to Texas it was harder to find salons that offered this service and it was expensive.  Not the $10.00 I had been used to.  And now that I’m in NC I just haven’t bothered.

I ran to Ulta during lunch today and picked up their Day, Night and Play makeup kit.  I had a $5.00 off coupon too which is really the only reason I bought it but hey, a girl needs makeup.  Maybe I’ll get adventurous now that I have some colors to play with.  I am actually pretty excited to think of all the possible colors I can try now.  Maybe I’ll try to do a different color every day this week.  Hmmm. 🙂


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