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A Place to Lay My Head

For weeks now I have been scouring the internet looking for an affordable bed.  I’ve found a couple here and there that I liked but the ones I really liked weren’t platform beds and getting a box springs was out of the question.    Yesterday I ran across one Matt had nixed a few months ago.  As I was rereading the comments I noticed one that said this bed was almost identical to the Colette bed.  I had just looked at Crate and Barrel and thought the name sounded familiar.  Sure enough the bed I was looking at looks just like a Crate and Barrel bed listed for almost $2000.00.  The bed I was looking at on Overstock.com was less than half that price.  🙂

I sent Matt the link to the Overstock bed again along with the link to Crate and Barrel bed.  I think that did it.  I think him seeing this bed against a much more expensive bed that looked almost identical was enough to say fine.  Finally, this morning, he told me to order the bed if that was the one I wanted.  YAY!  Our new bed has been ordered and it should be here within the next 6 weeks {though I am hopeful it will be much sooner}.

Our Bed
C&B Colette

{The only difference I can see between these 2 beds besides the price tag are the feet.  Another thing that I find funny is the bedding on the bed we are getting is the same bedding I had a few years ago but I used the lighter side on top.}

Now we just need to get a mattress.  The compromise is that Matt wanted a king size bed if we were getting a new one and I wanted a fake temperpedic mattress.  So far, I’ve run across several knock off that are really inexpensive.  Now they might not last more then a few years but that’s okay too.  As for bedding, I think I’m going to stick with the colors we are currently using.  I might have a plan for this but I’m not sure yet.  🙂



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