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Shows, books and canvas

The other day I hear that Cirque du Soleil was coming to Raleigh.  I saw the show Varekai several years ago while I was living in Austin.  The show was amazing and I’ve been dying to see another one.  This morning I talked to Matt about going next week while they are in town.  When I got to work I searched for tickets and finally found some decent seats for a pretty okay price.  Mind you the ticket prices are not cheap but I think it will totally be worth it.  Matt has never been so I hope he enjoys the show as much as I will.

I walked in this afternoon and sitting on the counter was, you guessed it, my our wedding ALBUM!!!!  YAY!  I was on the phone with my mom so I ran upstairs, changed and then came back down to take a peek.  The book turned out pretty darn good if I must say so.  It only took like a month to finally get everything how I wanted and it’s really cool to see the finished product.  Now I’m just waiting for the canvas I ordered.

It was funny because the other day Matt and I were looking at different sites trying to figure out who to order a canvas print of one of our wedding photos from.  He came across an old Groupon from a company in Raleigh called Canvas on Demand.  I commented on how cool that would have been to find a good deal.  Well wouldn’t you know it, a few minutes later I noticed I had a Groupon alert on my phone.  Lo and behold it was for Canvas on Demand!  And it was EVERYTHING I wanted.  For $46.00 (shipping included) we are getting a 16×20 canvas print.  I am really excited.  I will post a pic once it comes in.


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