Proposal Story – blast from the past post

Since Matt proposed the day before my birthday, March 21, 2010, I think this will be a tradition post going forward. ***************************************************************************************** It’s Official!!! Author: aukelly // Mar25,2010 As my birthday quickly approached, I wondered what exactly the day would have in store. I told M that a nice dinner would be fine, no gift… Read More Proposal Story – blast from the past post


More ornaments

Thanks to my new Pinterest addiction I found some super cute ornaments I decided to make.  I mentioned a few of these last week.  Anyway I didn’t mention all the ornaments I made because I not only made one for me, I made one for a friend.  She had an At Home Reception on Friday… Read More More ornaments


Working on the album

I will apologize in advance for the craptastic post today.  I’m not feeling so hot.  I think I’m getting strep throat.  BOOO! Anyway I’ve been working on mine and Matt’s new wedding album.  Honestly I’m a little surprised but I ended up using Shutterfly.  They’ve added a lot of features to their photo books and… Read More Working on the album