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Snow Day – 365 Challenge Week 5

I’m totally cheating and using some of the snow pics from last week for my challenge. 🙂

Last week the news started calling for snow on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.   I got to work and waited for the flurries to start.  By 4:00 pm there was still no snow in the Triangle.  I waited another half hour and decided to head home anyway.  Matt and I laid on the couch around 5 and I told him it would be snowing when we woke up.  Sure enough around 6 it was snowing.  It snowed for most of the night however when we woke up on Wednesday we only managed to get about 1.5 inches.  Since there was snow on the ground, there was no way I was going in to work.  I emailed my manager to let him know I’d be working from home.  I threw on some clothes and headed outside to take a few pics before the snow was ruined!

Matt is a snow fuddy duddy and wouldn’t go out and play with me but around 10:30 he decided to de-snow my car and clear off the driveway with his new snow shovel!  Hehe.  I bought him a snow shovel for Christmas. 🙂  Anyway, I decided to go out and help him but boy was it cold.  At this point it was only in the teens out.  I helped clear off some of my car and then took a few more pics.  It was  a gorgeous day but it was so cold out.  I finally headed back inside to do more work and to warm up.

Thursday I went back to work, though I went in a little late since the roads were still a little icy.  Even this weekend we still had some snow in our yard.  It didn’t really all melt till the rain started last night.  And while I do love me some snow, it was very very cold.  I’m glad the temps rose some over the weekend.


D7K_4549 D7K_4552 D7K_4553 D7K_4554 D7K_4557 D7K_4560 D7K_4566 D7K_4568 D7K_4569

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