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So this happened!

For about 6 years now, since I got my foot tattooed, I’ve wanted one on my wrist.  Two years ago when Matt and I went to New York I decided it would be a really cool idea to do it there.  I knew it would be much more expensive but part of that was the experience.  We got to NYC and I chickened out.  You have bones and veins in your wrist and that has to hurt right?  It probably didn’t help that I really had no idea what I wanted.

Fast forward a year and a half and I finally found what I wanted a few weeks ago.  As soon as I found it I knew so I contacted VanNess and Fellows, a local studio for a guy I found on IG.  Unfortunately he was booked for like 6 months out but he had a guest artist that weekend.  I made an appt for Saturday and drug Matt with me.  We ran to lunch downtown and I grabbed a glass of wine.  Then we headed to the studio.  I say studio because this was hands down THE NICEST place ever!


Ten minutes later I had a cute little heart and anchor tattoo on the inside of my wrist.  It’s not quite complete yet but I’ll have to wait to finish it.

The tattoo itself was uncomfortable and a little painful once or twice but overall not bad enough that I wouldn’t do it again.  The painful part came the next day.  Man my wrist was sore and achey.


I think I will probably need a touch up but I was told this up front. The artist, Scottie, told me just to let the studio know and they would get it set up. It hasn’t fully healed yet so I don’t want to call. Scottie also works at a studio in Wilmington so it would have to be done at a later date when he’s in town. Till then I think it will be fine. Plus like I said, it’s not quite complete so I’m hoping that I might can get both done.


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