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Subway Art

I think this stuff is super cool.  I love all the different things I run across on Pinterest.  Well baby Brooklyn gave me the perfect opportunity to finally make something.  Granted Brooklyn Grace hasn’t made her debut yet but I have a feeling she will be here shortly.

As you know a few weeks ago I went to VA Beach for a baby shower, Brooklyn’s baby shower.  One of her gifts was a subway art with her birth stats.  Of course I couldn’t put the real information in because she’s not here yet but I told her mom I would fill in all the correct information once she arrives.

It took a good bit of time and a lot of cussing {clearly this is very normal for me} for me to finally get everything just as I wanted.  I also managed to lose ALL my hard work one night when my computer decided to restart.  Dammit!  And wouldn’t you know I hadn’t saved anything.  This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I started over and the whole thing went much quicker.  While researching how to make these I saw a few people had used Photoshop.  But I found Publisher was actually much easier to maneuver.

Here is the semi-finished




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