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  • Day 1

    Of my new, fingers crossed, workout schedule.  The elliptical arrived Friday and Matt and I spent 3 hours that night putting it together.  It really wasn’t that difficult but we  read the directions and made sure we put it together correctly. 🙂  And by we I mean Matt. 😉

    Matt has never really worked out on an elliptical so I think he has been surprised that it really is a pretty good workout.  I had planned to workout when I got home today and in my head I was like “oh yeah piece of cake, I’ll just workout for half an hour.”  OK. About 5 minutes in I was like I’m not gonna make it the full half hour.  So then I set my next, more realistic goal….15 minutes.  Woo hooo!  I made that goal. 🙂

    And you know the best thing, it has a built in FAN!


  • Happy Friday the 13th!

    Just 8 short months ago on this very day Matt and I were saying our vows to one another.  Now we are husband and wife.  I think it’s kind of fitting (and a little ironic) that on our 8 monthiversary we get this….

    That my friends is my elliptical!  YAY!  Matt is currently downstairs in the process of putting this together.  I really am excited.  After the last few weeks I definitely think a little stress relief will be good.

    Love ya Matt!  Happy 8 monthiversary!


  • Holy Chaos Batman

    I had hoped things at work would start to calm down but not so much.  I am drowning under a sea of orders.  Not to mention the system upgrades still suck.  And then I’m being pulled in 20 different directions so I get even further behind.  AY YI YI!

    I will say I am totally excited that my new elliptical machine will be here tomorrow!  YAY!  I had talked to Matt previously about getting some sort of exercise machine so after Christmas we looked around and found a few I liked.  We ended up finding a great deal on a Livestrong machine.  It was a little more then I wanted to spend on something like this but I did test it out in a store and it was UH MAZING!

    Now we just need to get our butts in gear and clean out the bonus room.  This has turned into our “oh where should this go….bonus room!”  While this room has been great as a catch all we are going to have to do something different since the elliptical will take up so much space.  Plus I need to find a place to set up my sewing machine and we need space for Matt to do P90X.   So our weekend should be fun.

    After all the chaos from work, I’m thinking it will be good for me to be able to come home and relieve some stress.  Bring on the exercising!