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Spring has sprung!

I feel like I only recently discovered the beauty of Peonies!  As it happened, I stumbled upon them while looking for flowers for my wedding bouquet.  Since the flowers included in our package sucked, and buying real flowers while in St. Lucia wasn’t really an option, I opted for fake flowers.  *GASP*  I was lucky… Read More Spring has sprung!


Root rot

A few months ago our landscapers decided they needed to do some “drastic” pruning around the neighborhood. Well the bush under our deck was one of the victims! Needless to say I was LIVID to come homeland find our bush hacked to pieces. After a few emails to the HOA, it was agreed that the… Read More Root rot


Yard work

For the past 2 years, or however long I’ve lived with Matt, I have HATED our bushes out front.  Now I’m not really a gardener but in the past few months I’ve done pretty well keeping my plants alive, minus the rose bush.  I don’t wanna talk about it.  😉  I had already decided as… Read More Yard work