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Root rot

A few months ago our landscapers decided they needed to do some “drastic” pruning around the neighborhood. Well the bush under our deck was one of the victims! Needless to say I was LIVID to come homeland find our bush hacked to pieces.

After a few emails to the HOA, it was agreed that the landscapers would replace our bush. I did some research and decided on a fragrant tea olive bush. I must say I was a little annoyed when the new bush was finally planted. It was no where near the “mature” bush I was hoping for.

The past few weeks here in Raleigh have been crazy with rain. Almost everyday we’ve gotten rain, ranging from light showers to downpours with flood warnings. The other day I went around back to check on my gardenias and noticed the tea olive looks terrible. At this point I think it might have root rot from all the rain. Who knows really. All I know is that Matt and I will most likely have to replace this bush AGAIN in the fall or early spring.




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